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helloprojectlol's Journal

Hello Project brings lawlz
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This is a community for H!P fans, reformed H!P fans, and just plain perverts with an asian fetish. Here, we can tear our favourite bands to shreds knowing full well that even if they found it, they couldn't ever read it.

And it's just always more fun to pick on someone who can't defend herself.

1) Do not start fights with other members, even if someone else picks on your very favourite H!P member. That's what we're here for. If that's going to bother you, go the hell away. H!P can't read this. You are not defending their honour. They're hojillionaires who don't care what we say about them anyway.
2) LJ-Cut long/image-heavy posts.
3) Anything else is super.


kinenbi - The more well-rounded and mentally stable of the mods (though neither of them are too terribly stable), who tends to dabble in all of the major H!P groups. This was her idea, so blame her for it.

souma_mitsuko - Resident old fart. Expert on all things Melon Kinenbi/T&C Bomber/Sheki-Dol. Wishes C-ute and Berryz Koubou would die in a horrible accident.

Please do remember that we are not babysitters.

Alright, have at it, kiddos.